40. Ecker A, Riemenschneider PA: Arteriographic demonstration of spasm of the

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and measuring of 6 million babies while their mothers were advised

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streptothricosis, actinomycosis, blastomycosis, coccidiodal granuloma

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ing organic stricture. I have seen him almost within a day or two afterwards

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for as you begin to add the ammonia it becomes dark ; pour

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washes off the juice with a basin of hot water with a teaspoonful of

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and he is convinced that the use of silver as a suture material has contrib-

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ment of such a hospital, placed in charge of the Health

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occupying the place of the brain and spinal marrow, seems to be

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Some patients have severe proptosis with little periorbital

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erysipelas of the limbs, is merely the practical application of a general

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raati and possessing an astringent taste with but little bitterness.

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Table 11 shows a comparison of the height of the T-wave in

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infection, and there are others which establish a degree of

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the Secretary, Dr. C, S, Sheldon, Madison, Wis,, at least /our

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was the luncheon given to Gen. Liiders of the Russian Arm}^ fol-

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The surgery of the intestines is introduced with remarks on the

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relatively large, subarachnoid space above the corpora quadrigemina, in the

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measured 3.45 inches of rain on 17 days, the largest daily

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cases by taking stereoscopic radiograms of their chests, but the active

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made. In all other conditions with which this paper

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Company, who by correspondence with the various depart-

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(ISSN 0093-041 5/USPS 084 480) is published monthly for $40 per year (USA and Canada) by the California

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study medicine, nor is it to be expected that for every

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as lobar pneumonia; that it is a question of susceptibility more

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