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measures are best suited to protect, facilitate, and ensure it. We must

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emollient cataplasms, and baths, and afterward calomel, which appeared to

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well, but not so well as the night before. No treatment.

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which he has witnessed since Dr. Kennedy's book fell under his notice,

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actively in the important work of medical societies.

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no chills ; bowels regular; pulse 106 ; respiration 42 ; sleeps tolerably.

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early childhood. Her age is 25 years. As seen in the

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composition and, if possible, its constitution. Although

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presence of such indication from the sloughing of a portion of the scalp, a

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arations of this showed pest bacilli mixed with numerous minute

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ing apparatus must belong to the nervous system and conse-

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arsenious acid innocuous upon the economy of the dog, when ^iven in doses

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the upper border of the left hemisphere with light fibrous

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the wire — that is, the formation of a cro8.s. The margins

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was evident her labor had set in and the chief aim was

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solution is diluted to 300 c.c. with distilled water; pach

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only slightly hurried — and by its dark colour; blood from the lungs being

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structure over which it has to pass, occasions inflammation, is equally

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presence of several distinct organisms. .The snort, thick oval forms

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4. Fungous Arthropathy. — Sometimes primary ; most commonly second-

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Through the will of Hannah H. Toland, $2000 has been

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a discussion on the "Therapeutic and Diagnostic Value of

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and vital functions, and are determined by conditions existing

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tities of water (about ten quarts in twenty-four hours) ; after this^

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be rendered in a large number of individual emergencies.

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fasces can pass more freely than through the external wound; and thus

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case diarrhoea continued for some time, but the patient was ultimately dis-

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co-operative and educational channels tff the profession. There

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cent, solution of creolin. A purulent urethritis followed with

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one involved. He found that the parenchymatous tis-