were generally healthy, and almost free from any modification of

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streets generally, and more especially at the high-water season, enjoy all

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of internal secretion to the blood stream, and unless the islands

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For demonstrating the universality of nervous conduction in plants

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detection, or their growth in this case had been very rapid, and it must be in

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at the monastery itself, sometimes on a route used by pilgrims and travellers.

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continuous, as is the case in chorea ; in each attack several groups of

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rated, inducing a corresponding augmentation of pallor,

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the Sylvian region, and involves both temporal and frontal

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receive from HI such a course of gentlemanly treatment as shall convince them

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It can scarcely be necessary for us to say anything

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Brahmin, aged 17 years, came to the Muttra Dispensary on July 10th,

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increases. Although the integument may remain entire, its

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J. Parsons Schaeffer (1878-1970) John H. Gibbon, Jr. 249

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fice of the womb is often clofed faft in lying-in wo-

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All amniocenteses were performed by a trained obstetri-

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case indeed he failed, though putting out all his powers

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sibilities, lies before us. Let us make the best of

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going out from the gastric mucous membrane, heretofore

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are doing their work, in this part of our State. I never saw people, in

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at a meeting of the International Congress on Internal Medicine.

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ounce every four hours. The patient complains of no

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During the war of the rebellion in the United States a soldier

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the umbilicus. The temperature and pulse steadily rose for three days,

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The latter, born in the thirteenth century, composed

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