My own opinion is that for epileptics the colony should be
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Fall term; three hours a week. Lockw^ood's Lessons in
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cusses in the Therapeutische Monatshefte the treatment of ileus.
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physicians who address us at Baltimore; samples are also
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Anesthesia with Consciousness.— The Lancet says that
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remedy, in all the Materia Medica, that is so frequently,
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American Medical Associafi'oii, in the osteopath being
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The argument for bedside rounds is that they put pa-
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From the very limited time allowed, your Committee have been unable to go
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carried on during the year with artistic taste characteristic of the
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vaWes, with a jargf muscular ventricle, from which issued two aorta- of the ordi-
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together ; submucous haemorrhages may commonly be seen in their neigh-
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mal but evince complete caecity; pupillary reflexes to
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to you : — "My child," she said, "cannot stand; and to enable him
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in the navicular region) often prevails. This is an inflammatory
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*I am indebted to Dr. Robinson for making comparison of this with the nearly related
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ease^ too^ we perceive that the specific gravity of the urine
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cells is the solid pus. Some scientists recognize pus germ as the cause
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species of softening is, I believe, generally fatal ; unless, indeed, it
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It is safe as a rule to say that acute inflammation of the
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Dr. Sajre thought the wires would not bear enough force
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peculiar rolling motion of the body. He may go lame in one
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If the womb be foul, which may be easily perceived by
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terstitial bronchopneumonia.'^ This lesion is easily recognized in all
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concentration of the night urine and thirty-five as regards urea nitrogen
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uniform and comparable result the content of each tube, which was reduced almost
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air. Generally, for examinations of the gastro-intestinal tract, the
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and Bromine; which are useful as Alteratives or blood medi-
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striated, and show no adhesions or thickenings. The patient still suffers