constant, faithful servant and friend. Much good thought has
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type of fever, and by the occurrence of inflammation in
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examiner thinks a preclusion from emotional stress is appro-
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until 2.30 a. m., her attendant thinking she was dying. Next
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Temporary absences from District of Columbia within 30 days prior .
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nurses, 4 ; dispensary, 2 ; family or friends, 25 ; other sources, 8.
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left lung. There was cirrhosis of the liver, and the gall
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The symptoms and signs of fatty heart are dismissed in less than
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and was named in honor of Dr. Isaac Ray, the Super-
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Even, however, to relieve some of the many who suffer, and to establish,
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some pathologic lesion, and that which may be produced in the labora-
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an attack, I believe ihat it is generally agreed that continuous
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The whole number of cases noted, for the winter and summer is 45,
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uterus becoming sacculated. Abortion more frequently
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The arms of the patient must not be brought above his head
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who practiced medicine in Huntingburg, Indiana. Dr.
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a crisis in Italy, with the renewed introduction of a
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Symptoms. Incubation Period. The interval between exposure and
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of liquids had been most intense, opening the trachea allowed
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Symptoms. — In considering the symptoms of cerebral haemorrhage, it
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more dead than alive, from the ailings of the mind, which is
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branes need not have altered, or the plumpness of the form or
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Eustachian tubes, all of which I had the pleasure to witness during
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deserves, and has fully attained in some of the older comma*
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cation of forceps possible, an attempt was made to extract the child.
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conditions are convertible into each other. Ortainly it may be said that each
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attributed to a suspension of the power of evapora-
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iv:iii(l()l|»li " inciiti()li('<l 'I'i'olldiciitl'ti recent expeii-
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to know in advance the personal preference of each patient. Chocolate was
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of the bones occurs. After speaking in detail of the disordered sensations, the
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lowing exposure to the risk of infection, there are 3 conditions to
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ters at each time of the exjjulsion of the fteces, and
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leus, and a tilting inwards of the handle of this bone. The chief element in
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ment of the mental powers, as well as of actual lesions of nervous
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Mitchell, Gauer, Thornp,ury, Brown, Spring, Coulter, Norfleet
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The town of Corfu contains a large church dedicated
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regard to the Exploration q/", and Operations on, these Organs,
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previous attack of variola, the affection is spoken of as modified
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disease of the spinal arteries is thought to be the cause.
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ing ill su<'.coss, and it is to be feared always will.
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In 1891 there were 13,342 iasane persons in Canada in a population
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turned away from the doors. We have no log to roll in recom-
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fall, do it as early as good thrifty young plants can be ob-
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in the centre related to the special symptom. Such excess of local
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cluster of this virus in a Mashadi Iranian family in Israel.
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nized milk when sad, he exclaimed : " You are right.
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first symptom of iodism is acute Coryza (a watery flow from the eyes and
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tagion, infection, and other like causes. While all domestic
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bloody urine and were dropsical ; and subsequently Cotugno^
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Eastern Leprosy, Slack and White Leprosy, &c.) have been found to
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muscles. Nerve force is at a high tension and should be guided to the develop-
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becoming afebrile. Multitudes of cases of sporadic fever, says