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Eighteen of the sixty-five cases of purpura fulminans had followed scarlet

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circular iron plate at the base, and a thick inner iron cylinder,

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3. Tliat all milk not " certified " or " inspected " '^ shall be pasteur-

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States. As stated, the incidence of measles varied greatly in the differ-

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in many instances, almost universally among recent immigrants, and

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weakness and emaciation, that neither his mode of feeding nor hia

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as long as the inflammation lasts. Chronic inflamma-

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buildings have been erected, having a maximum bed capacity of 700,

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continued to suffer recurrences each summer to 1914, inclusive.

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two occasions I have seen the super-addition of grey patches of

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He reflects that when we are dealing with a microbe which reproduces

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1872 — till 9; 2 to 4; 7 to 9. M. D. (Georgetown) 1860. Mem.

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this root as one of the most generally useful tonics and alteratives in India, and generally

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a quantity and quality not in the least inferior to any which has been

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thinks it " a baw to be a real soldier," as Punch puts

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gestation and lactation. He thoroughly believed that the evil

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twenty-four or thirty-six hours by stiffness with aching pain in the

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small Maisonneuve instrument was first introduced, the patient

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stead, in which she lived with her sister Agnes. She

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applicable professions as a person fit to be reinstated and

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inevitable consequence of division of the great chyle-conducting

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Conditions in the Nervous System. Headache may be very troublesome

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of clinical tests and the exjaeriments made on patients

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every deficiency in the blood of anaemic patients in


sacred. Above all individual pretensions are placed the irrecusable au-

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plained of itching over different parts of the body and a few had mani-

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as to practical results, either of which will result in benefit,

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especially if in the evening — as a conspicuous guide to direct

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unthinking routinist and polypharmacists. You can go on for years

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strated in the hlood by microscopical preparations and

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motu, alvi fubduffione, naufea indutla, mire mutant

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tioned, the pigment becomes diffused and motile, or arranges

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but submitted patiently to the altered conditions of his

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common larch (Larix Europsea), administered in fifteen minim

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the quantity sometimes. Mr. Cooper beUeves that the detachment of the vitreous humour is

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does meningitis in cattle due to diplococcus pneumoniae, but

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and his intellectual rectitude, if he had, at an earlier day, openly avowed

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state of the sphincter a?ii. In the former it is produced by long-