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the General Medical Council. He could scarcely charge the Report
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child suffering from the disease removed, and in many instances wdll
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se, independently of the inflammatory and other lesions that complicate
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entered in the Medical Students' Register at least four years previously.
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vagina. It was possible to support the uterus most completely and
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it comes immediately after the loss of Professor Miller. Dr. Matthiessen
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must admit that it i?, possible such machinei'y may be beyond the micro-
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Exciitsion. — In the afternoon, a large number of the members visited
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year, 1516 died under the care of the Foundling Hospital. In fact, the mortality
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rent hand I would lay a memorial wreath upon the recently closed
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members expect to have presented in the Journal every week. The
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ment, I found that the St. Pancras return was still in excess ; and
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the other. This is, of course, how the matter stands : no examination, it is
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last twenty years of his life he was, more or less, a wanderer on the earth.
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1870; April 22 and July 22, 1871. 2. First Professional Examina-
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directly traced to negligent exposure. We desire to collect, to publish
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Mr. Hi;sBAND then replied. He had proposed the resolution, and,
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by the Physicians and Surgeons of these institutions. — Fees: 12 months,
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Why should I allude to an event of the past year, deplored not less
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ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S HOSPITAL, Rochester— Assistant Surgeon : 13th.
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£'^ 3s. (the lectures on Dental and on Ophthalmic Surgery are free to
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tiply instruments. He had been Tailed in hurriedly at different places,
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that which he does not like, which, so far as he can see, will be of no
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George Burrows, M.D., F.R.S., President, in the Chair.
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would have settled the matter ; but, unfortunately, they had looked
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Winter and two Summer Sessions' attendance at a recognised Medical
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tice, in two cases out of three he gave alcoholic stimuli. To a patient
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are being repeated. The sanitary engineer of the future will know
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chester, as a great centre for observation, lias liitherto been silent, as
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In ordinary insanity we have, primarily, distinct evidence of disturb-
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DONEGAL UNION-Medical Officer for the Workhouse and Fever Hospital and
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in the microscope room on the modes of microscopic examination of
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disease of the lungs ; the art says, give cod-liver oil in phthisis. In
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soldiers on whom they waited with such tender devotion. When the train
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think that experiments on the lower animals were any guide as to the
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was originally sent only for temporary relief after the battle of Woerth ;
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No ; by adopting the hypothesis he has assumed, Dr. Balfour involves
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in which, in spite of M. Pasteur's dictum — now on its trial — no living