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are excessive, the limit of compensation is reached
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tion between albuminnria and toxaemia of pregnancy is sharply drawn
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confirmed by bacteriology and clinical observation.
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flagyl use
from the experiments of Dr. Bergey as recorded in their recent Smith-
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tion of the eye from the primary position to oblique
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It is characterized by headache, which is unilateral, though not so dis-
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births, 14 males and 12 females. The deaths from im-
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exposed the dura mater of the cerebellum and three in which it had exposed
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study, the iiTiter has been led to the conclusion that in the great majority
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for awakening the appetite, uses a decoction of the bark of white con-
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excessive fatigue. Beyond tenderness on pressure over the right hypo-
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seems to be the finding of the bacilli in the stool, as
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princes, even if they are of only very local celebrity,
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several times, until the patient was sent to the seashore, without her
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No lesion of the skin, swelling of the lymph glands,
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year. In the first of these — a death under ether
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The same applied to children of elder born and late
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ters ; directed to report to the medical officer in coin-
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these conditions we find that after a thorough cleansing of the abscess-
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