Two Knee-joint Excisions, by A. J. Steele, M.D., of
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a position which, while perhaps theoretically correct, does not
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his formula: R Podophyllin. gr. ivss; extracti elaterii, gr. ivss ; pulveris
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there will be .a deep purple discoloration. This test
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Put half a gallon of milk in a jar and tie over it writing paper.
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The chemistry and physics of the solutions of the body, is further
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there is no contra-indication to the use of an antiseptic in the spittoons,
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very great facility. In some subjects, every wound undergoes pro-
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ular. On section the tissue was firm, yellowish gray in color, with small
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Blood Diseases. — (See Quarter Evil, Red Water, etc.)
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Tuberculous and infective osteomyelitis are comparatively common in
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I thought to myself, what a blessing if every veterinary surgeon
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harvest has been much tempered by the skill of man in so far
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Translated from the eleventh revised German edition (Gustav Fischer,
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in etiology of periarteritis nodosa; another case_ associated
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tics, consequently she may use all proper means towards that
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L myelitis). In consequence of it, extensive atrophy had set in over several groui>8
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Thk (juestion of the local an;estlietic in dental work is an important
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solution twice as much soda as of lime is used. In a
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Contrary to expectation, the animals seem to enjoy it, and
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America, for years an admitted expert in this field
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disease, the appearance presented is that of the overworked
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good book for everybody, young and old, saint and sinner, for it is "God's
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Seaton, Mo.; John Evans, 111.; A. S. McArthur, 111.
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To this phase of the problem he is at present devoting attention. From
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