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or non-viable. It is among these that cases of excessive deformity are

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Ment. Dis. N.Y. 1892, xix. p. 765.-184. Remak. Neurol. Centralbl. 1891, x. p. 326.—

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communicable disease, and particularly with tuberculosis, sheep scab,

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the stage and would be pleased to hear from any reader who can furnish further and better infor-

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The deaths (24) from all forms of tuberculous disease included

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from the first; it may be uniformly diffused or it may be

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The loss may be temporary or permanent ; and it may be due to

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sports injuries, physical conditioning, and the medical aspects of

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no relief of tension is possible at the surface of the bone. Minute inter-

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doses. Strychnine is also of value in some of these cases.

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mingled, for one lesion may abolish the sensations over different

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parts. In some cases, the only part of the body microscopically examined

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what regular medicine was in the past. Paracelsus wrote a book for the

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angle of the, wound. In some of the cases reported,

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3. Gephart, F. C, and Du Bois, E. F. : The Determinations of the Basal

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