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in no less a degree when the pressure is maintained by an injection of

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If the patient is unable to void and the bladder is distended,

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axis around which it revolves, when in fact it is only the blos-

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the ball of your foot, instead of coming down on your heels, or shuffling

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sacrificed to the demon of lust for the benefit of those above them?

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Of the Franco-German war. — During the Franco-German war

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The three tables are given here for analysis and comparison, and are

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In a recent number of Brain, Wilfrid Harris discusses this matter

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lessons of a i^ractical character which the author draws from his own large

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1889 a. — Quadro sinottico delle tenie umane <Boll. scient., Pavia, an. 11 [v. 3]

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who are the subjects of them survive to be invalided and are

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• The most common side effects are headache and edema

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times other disorders of the urinary organs are developed in

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thing than the quenching of his thirst. A post-mortem was with difficulty ob-

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the former cases, and the effect of the injections in arresting the

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measures such as providing clean water or shoes for chil-

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tocele is within or without the peritoneum : and a fortiori, it is-

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edies: First. Puis., Apo. can., Cim. rac, Bry., Rhod.,

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while liquefaction, and absorption of the liquefied effete matter, is stead-

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when exposed to light or heat, in the property of retaining the sti jchnine in

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Pramded, however. That the owner, lessee, or occupier or any land or

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projecting cnirselves into them, how educational an effect on

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Calomel was also the basis of the treatment of Dr. Leclerc, but

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introduced into the tissues through the needle. As a further precaution, the

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all Americans were short-sighted, likewise 15 per cent of the

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the military academy, among whom the usual effects of alcoholic po-

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declare that a cowdung floor " can retain its infectivity for