for a week or ten days or longer at the commencement of the

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Fig. 477. — The external oblique divided, exposing the cord and hernial sac. (Veau.)

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direction. It is, therefore, with the desire to add somewhat to

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original work that is carried out and published in this country.

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Duration of gestation, eleven months and four days. Case IV.

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event of their fatal nature required to make an autopsy, our

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Hence, as with the hogs, the only conclusion that can be drawn

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local changes ? How many of us see cedema of the lungs in pneumonia, along with

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ever, among them Reform and Reconstructionist Jews, while

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of the patient to the pungent vapour of ether, and also in certain

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Thus, the employment of electricity in too large quantity determines two classes

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in the male as a frequent cause of sterility, as shown by the teaching of

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either by an alteration in the vascular condition of the organ

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past six months has there been much pain, but on December 20,

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The concluding chapter is a valuable historical epi-

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is much determination to the brain, with contracted pupils,

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reported destruction of its Library : improbability of this

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her in her difficulties, and sustaining her in her discourage-

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ment, encircling one surface hemoglobin mound. This figure corresponds to Fig.

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the polish is produced, after which wash it well with

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not appear to know that the skin is pierced. Other punctures

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the disease took this peculiar form. Of 8 cases of posterior basic menin-

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and debility are not uncommonly met with after repeated

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All the nests are not equally pure. Those that are perfectly white,

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was left, and you did not want to leave it? ' That was waste ; it

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The Board of Medical Officers, assembled at the City of

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subject to their orders, and to render annually to the President and Fellows an

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ansesthesia was found to involve, not only the paralyzed parts, but also

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in sufficient quantity, may also be percussed by aid of a pleximeter, care-

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4. Although no drainage tube was used on the third occasion,