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irritant directly addressed to the trunks of the pneumo-
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and several citizens and doctors have furnished rooms in it. The
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calamity. Men had been expecting it for generations. It came, and we
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first intention. Where the smell is an objection to
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Among the commoner types of diseases causing bleed-
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from the adjacent tissues from the occiput as far backward as it
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but it is not satisfactorily established that they are protected from infection
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tical, and the one detailing the operation of caesarian
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combined therapy and the patient closely followed until threat of cardiac failure is over
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observation of the French Service de Sante are not recom-
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medical treatment promising best results, and does not slight
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dreaming that her legs were on and hot water was run-
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in rendering its decision against the physician and for the
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B.A. 1972, State University of New York at Buffalo;
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surprised her ; friends were in the drawing-room, expecting him
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course of these complaints, it appears to me now to be quite
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which are minutely described by Paulus. The mode of
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results of certain observations on a disease of the rat, which is ch icily
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sidered and consulted. Section of the nerve or the more radical
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symptom is convulsions ; the antidote is atropine if the case
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minimum lethal doses thus found were calculated upon the basis of
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are beautifully executed. The translation is by Dr. A. V. S. Lambert.
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Watson. — In Clifton Springs, N. Y., on Tuesday, Feb-
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have been recognized by the State, except in a few minor in-
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Psychiatry. Assistant Attending Psychiatrist, New York
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arranged thus — chaplain, surgeon, adjutant, quarter-master. In
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towel business may stimulate the respiratory centre. Xow we know little
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already stated, hemolysins and hemagglutinins, though these were
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