pyogenic cocci. Bacillus diphtheriae. Bacillus typlii-dbdominalis, Micrococcus

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H. Green, S. Gunasti, J.W. Konovitch, I.C. Lin, R.C.

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I think I have demonstrated in the paper before referred to, that

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and which Sir James Simpson has aptly compared to the flap of

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78. Edmunds: Jour. Pharm. and Exper. Therap., 1911, 2, 559.

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strating that such a case was one of invaccinated syphilis would be to

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To rush a patient onto the operating table, except in pres-

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means by which the critical moments when the child hangs between life

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to overstimulation ; that there was the same amount

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anterior surface of the epiglottis and on the fingers and under the finger

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have had profuse alvine discharges. When, by repeating the injections,

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It is needless to go into the question of diagnosis in detail.

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scientific to use caustics, but if the knife was refused we should cauter-

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circle. The struggles of the ventricle become feebler and feebler,

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The academic work consisted of practically every subject that would

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carbohydrate, glycogen, which is greatest in quantity when a carbohydrate diet is

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at regular times, are valuable accessories in the res-

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lution is only a special example of that most vast of all cosmic

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absolutely nil, and should he at any future time be inca-

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that if fifty infants in their first year weigh 1000

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difference between the pulmonary' lesions obser\-ed after the removal

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air, they may inhabit. Thus, in the icy waters of the Arctic seas, the aquatic mamma-

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surprised to learn that his persuasive piping had resulted in the arrival