curs in the distillates of febrile urine. Its intensity
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diseases, but cannot be regarded as positively indicative of such
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injected under the skin. At 11 p.m. she had little pain, and the retching *
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being buried too deeply, they may lie dormant for several
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ing. The same thing may be said in regard to all other modes
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registered stock, and, if the breeding has been pure, the
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stance, which may bring out a very disagreeable eruption, render the
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The neighbors' cattle continued in a state of perfect health for two
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asylum, another is there, and the fourth is an idiot ! This is
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must have been then what it is now, and that their voyages on the Mediter-
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this is confirmed by our experience : for with one exception, to which we shall subsequently
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David Smith, MD Linda Hawes Clever, MD Marsden S. Blois, MD
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of the face, tested several times with the ssthesiometer, was
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bility to suffering at this period; and in great measure, she can thus
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2nd. Tuberculosis sputum is difficult to dry and pulverize. The state-
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Beyond the interpretation of special statutes, we are not
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is fairly well represented by the journal selected. As regards
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showing that the larynx had not undergone any morbid alteration.
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side the city limits, and we would like to see this movement
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tion, and so you go on appreciating all the deviations
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which the water passes, either by gravity or pressure. Since
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very common. In the Massachusetts General Hospital, where they
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Lead, Poisoning by. — Iodide of Potassium. — In twenty-three cases
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17th. — Bowels freely acted upon; pain affects the loins