syphilitic; and 9 per cent, more, probably had syphilis. In the
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cell. Some facts supporting this view are as follows: (1) It has been
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century since, it will appear strange, and perhaps very unreasonable,
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Lastly, but quite important, in nearly all those cases in
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centration of 0.1 per cent after mixing), and sodium fluoride and sodium
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vena cava, renal, portal, hepatic veins, in veins near the heart, in both sides
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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He worked untiringly under heavy shell
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liquid add the sugar, and by means of a gentle heat convert it into a syrup.
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ach would become distressed, uneasy and irritable. The
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factors in the causation of intracranial aneurisms, the iodide of potassium
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dryness of the mouth. Cases of recurring enlargement of the parotid glands
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drugs and dosages for sedating the youngsters before a scan
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Flint, in his Practice of Medicine, published in 1866, alludes to this condition
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The test for nitric acidin the absence of nitrous is brucine.
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there was no known or suspected specific cause, the
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One case was of particular interest on account of the great amount
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1. Elephantiasis Arabum (Barladoes Leg) . . ii. 409
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gienic surroundings of each patient. It will likewise be
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basis as admission to the other hospitals, unhampered
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nevertheless, in cases of true neuralgia of the sciatic nerve,
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as a teacher, namely, the power of perceiving the relation of nu-
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Fid. Ext. Arbor Vitas was given, with instructions to report in
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the most important functions of the National Red Cross Society
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'• To proceed thus with experiments the object of which is to study the action
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Veterans Administration, Louisville, Kentucky g ) to me
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He was then free until the commencement of a long attack on 1 9
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plains a good deal of stitch-pains in the left side ;
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geons had excised from his lungs — a perfect match. ■
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(1) The existence of races of tubercle bacilli (both human and