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to the person who performs it, but further, that any record of such
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be limited to the brain ; and even older writers, such as Ross, admitted
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"Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand
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activation wave as shown by the lengthening of the initial deflection.
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appear to differ materially from those given in English text-books on
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close cooperation between your membership and those of usj
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and placed under the care of Dr. J. H. Lenow. I saw the case
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sanitary condition of the schools, and that reliable observations as to the
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some consideration, even for the infirmities and unreasonable-
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intestine is sacrificed and the mesentery is quickly
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tice, Thompson, W. H., 309; the value of electricity in the treat-
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and perineuritis are all closely allied pathologically, the difference being rather
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Parasites very seldom trouble cattle. A tapeworm known by
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perception is reduced. When objects are sufficiently large and weU
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He was given seven doses of mercurialized serum intraspinally. The Was-
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reported instance of the affection in children. I have, however,
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last and enlarged London edition. In one octavo volume, of nearly five hundred pages. Now
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ism was 19 per cent, above normal. The electrocardiogram was as on March
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eases are then treated of, closing with the complex
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bound at the wrists, but chiefly on that of the left hand.
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natural size. Lungs crepitant; much mucus in the tubes. Fresh pleuritic
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The alleged absence of fibrin in the venous blood returning from
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intestines are disturbed. There may be at first an increased