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therefore, be gratified to know that our colleagues in civil life
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ed upon, in justice to the cause of Medical Reform, to take a formal no-
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Reflexe bei Compression der Riickeumarkes. Arch. f. Psych.,
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ing and general sanitary improvement of the infected area.
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of B. colL The central nervous system was not examined.
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missed than of realized opportunities for scientific research. The report includes some
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to the College, and physician to Charles First, whose fortunes he fol-
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The above case illustrates our argument. The remedies were
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functions would not be inimical to the ideas of our liberty-loving people.
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for us to say, as we did at the beginning of this notice, that the gentle-
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Scholarships and Other Aid (at the University of Chicago) Ill
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Messrs. Tilden & Co. Columbia, S. C, Dec. 15th, 1852.
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tunately, however, they were allowed to 25roceed, un-
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animal fibres are too healthy to encourage the presence of parasites.
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had proved so successful in Havana, and in this way a widespread epidemic
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266. Case of Fibroid Polypus, complicated with Complete Inversion. Mr. A. J. Field 262
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pose that a form of energy which could cause so much local dis-
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to the bulletins issued by them, respecting the health of the Em-
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a sensation of coldness and chilliness the first day, accompa-
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The frontal, ethmoidal, maxillary and sphenoidal sinuses are the
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l^i|yir In Diabetic Urine Detected by Salphurio Acid 314
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food; not to mention the failure in development of individuality
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oil was proclaimed at High Forest. Nothing notable came of these discoveries.