maintained at 21° C show a definite decrease in growth maximum
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They are not so apt to excite heartburn as the cabbages. Of
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the spinal marrow; as sensibility to pain is lost, while yet reflex actioo
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the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, in the preparation of which it enables the
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This is the bark of Canella alba, a large tree growing in Jamaica and
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eessful cases, ** it does not appear that the fatal termination, in any casts,
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Diluted Nitric Acid (Acidum Nitricum Dilutum, U. S., Br.) is an
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doors, dancing, billiard f^, nine pins, the use of dumb bell », ballh^hrt
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The results tallied well with those of the previous experiment.
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nomena denominated hysterical. There is here no other disease than
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tioB. As now prepared, the extract represents the rirtnes of the flowers,
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diarrhoea, cholera morbus, and epidemic cholera. A similar, though less
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signate watery solutions of volatile substances, obtained by distillation ;
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Perspiration. — The insensible perspiration is either carried
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posed that he cured epilepsy with from half a grain to six grains in tbe
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and reaction will be most apt to take place. The patient, howevefjl
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vous tissue generally. To this role, however, there is one striking e.
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part of the spinal cord, observed after death, confirms this view of the
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slept for some time, and is mo&t copious towards the end of the period
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process. Though the offects of the gas maybe obtained io this way, yet
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of matter, and of certain accidental qualities which, more
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upon which it may first display its effects, and the rapidity of its opero^
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bits, he becomes much less obnoxious to endemic disease.
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and cutaneous diseases, the warm sulphuretted waters will
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shortened by an increase of the dose ; while exactly the reverse is true
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teria undoubtedly stands at the bead. Probably nervous rheumatism
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Origin. This is the fruit of Eletiaria Cardamomum, a perennial
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instance biscuits, or hard toasted bread for soft bread, bread
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one to three inches long, somewhat flattened, wrinkled, tuberculated, com-
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no doubt an energetic antispasmodic and stimulant ; but owed its powers
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even by obviating, in co-operation with other measures, in some degree,
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Effect of acute exposure foUowir^ one LD cq challenge dose.
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General's Library brought to me his little girl aged
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Dr. Marcet, of London, recommends the use of oxide of zinc in ehrouio j
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