tent. The exceptional cases are far too infrequent to

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other instances there is, on the contrary, arrest of development. The expla-

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such explanations usually are, we seem forced to attempt

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In spite of the quite definite discomforts referred to, the island cannot

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due* to the typhoid bacillus, but the damage is usually caused by cocci.

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eft fcientia ac prudens dire^lio virium naturae huma-

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planning the most complex planetary landing mechanism ever designed—

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more severe attacks bile pigment is present. There is often profound

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Dr. Sibley replied that when he first saw the case he regarded it as a

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our patients return from time to time for a renewal of treat-

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companying contraction of the orbicularis palpebrarum

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as establishing the miasmal origin of neuralgia, for this tendency is

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destructive diseases in the brain, "or other nervous

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weiffht outside would crush the |iouse to piecea^ike a


24. Fraenkel, A.: Ztschr. f. klin. Med., Berl., 1885-6, X, 426-449.

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We tuJKbt conclude from the?e fact* alone that the blood is often lh«

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ward the cultivation, the extension and accentuation of the hereditary diseases,

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a slight pyaemia; certainly not dysentery or other endemic

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fact that they produce little or no gas. Bacillus abortus equi, first

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for didactic purposes and for the collection of statis-

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night. Ov'er and over again cases of infection in Health Camps

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haemorrhage and collapse. She died of broncho-pneumonia within a

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what is necessary to be done so as to avoid undue handling and inter-

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the portal system in part, become then enlarged and visible. An enormous

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eases of the Nervous System, Diseases of Women, Dis-