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clinic ; Member of American Medical Association ; Member of State

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"Mr. Med. Soc. ; Centre Dist. tWhipple, S. M., New London.

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Cunningham and Tslford-Smith. 1895 The brain of the microcephalic idiot.

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As regards surgery, or surgical technique, it is neither my province

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"The City Wilderness." It is especially valuable to those

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Permit me, gentlemen, to express the hope that the same benevo-

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* See Prochasca Op. Minora, Pars. i. p. 342. Joseph and Charles Wenzel de

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That we offer to the family of the deceased the as-

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the early stages of acute mania the bromides, chloral, hyoscine hydro-

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bacilli, and plump, capsulated bacilli resembling Bacillus aeroijenes cap-

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require syrup or treacle to their porridge, and these also are useful laxatives.

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150 Mr. Holmes's Case of Laceration of the AxUlan/ Arhry.

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muscles, vessels, cellular tissue, and fascia, organs

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■Case I. — Mrs. E , of C , a farmer's wife, aged 56,

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most commonly the weak and enfeebled, and those laboring under

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pinch after pinch of flowers of sulphur on a piece of pa-

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from it, a large number of similar small tumors are observed