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Read before the Boston Society for Medical Observation.

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Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital Dispensary.

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which are situated in the pons Varolii, or medulla oblongata, may be

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of 14. Outdoor work as a laborer in cold weather does not cause attacks, pro-

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Chas. B. Shuttleworth ; Parology, F. W. Rolph ; *Ophthal-

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effort after another to retain a drink, until finally, sometimes

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spaces in which there is healing by the first intention.

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the foundation for disease. 4. It does not stimulate or

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sulted by a gentleman with detachment of the retina of the left eye,

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and extraordinary swarms of flies with which every camp is afflicted.

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abundant clinical evidence to indicate that phosphorus is a

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HH. Surface hyphae not in well-defined ropes, nor trailing.

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liar, and which are so often the vedettes of approach-

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La frequence comparee des prodromes differe selonles periodes oil l'eclampsie

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proposal to hold a meeting at a watering-place. We fancy,

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treatment is empirical, whether mechanical, medicinal

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principal seat of the irritation ; and the circulation, and even

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was shortened utero-sacral ligaments, the posterior

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copasia (plus massage and electricity) become a convinced and

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wing containing two hundred and sixty patients. Dr.

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niston. 1894-5, vii, 308-310. — !!iokoioir (D. A.) Uiflerit

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array of facts and arguments by which Dr. L. combats, and, as we con-

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Spacious Dining, Drawing, Writing, Reading and Smoking Rooms.

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of an acute infectious disease or an angina that had been overlooked

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Mr. Taylor, in reply, said that even if no glands could be

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ensTble and powerless by a blow which may leave scarcely any appreciable

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soon established the fact that the disease is an encephalitis — a

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neal opacities, but that some benefit might ensue from the

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Society, and was many times chosen one of its Fellows. In 1829,

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1. — Analysis of One Hundred and Eujhty-fonr Cases of Stone