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ing of the third day the water was passed through the catheter only,

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intrapleural pneumolysis, will be successful in about one-half the

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63. Slranguary or suppression of urine ; incontinence of urine ;

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and regard it as an annoyance, while others do not appreciate

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quently obtained by submitting a thesis containing the results of original

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sion, Dr. Markoc*s attention was called particularly to the

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evident symptom of it having been syphilitic. On Novem-

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Break up fine, add one pint of boiling water, and set aside for fifteen minutes.

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vessels. But even within a few days there may be extensive inflammatory

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from a radiological standpoint, is meant an individual who is short,

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"Mr. Med. Soc. ; Centre Dist. tWhipple, S. M., New London.

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tious diseases. It comes into consideration chiefly for those diseases to which

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achievements in the field of personal hygiene. Needless to

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Whether this wholesale disregard of nature's laws be due to ignorance or in-

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and is then kept at temperatures between 30° and 35° C. the development

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sphincter muscle without pain. This patient was lifted back to

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rain or snow the number is smaller. Basement rooms and

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tration. Undoubtedly, however, the most interesting function

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inches. The mercury rose to 30.615 inches at 9 a.m. of the

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mixture agreeable, as well as grateful to the irritable stomach.

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parts of the nasal cavity. Another objection, recog-

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ferric chloride, 3 parts, was recommended as a dressing.

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inoculations, for tubercle bacilli, in the glands and organs of 215

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■' Take the root of skunk cabbage, and boil it until very

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5. Death of spinal marrow ; cessation of respiration (heart's

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its action is most complete ; it is of course aided by liberal

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tinguished guests are expected to give addresses. We hope to

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result. " The child is restless, the cough shorter and more hacking, the

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suffered from sore throat. As we learn from the Worcester