He read Tennyson with attention, but not with full satis-

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by the survival of at least some of the mice in all of the forty cases

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Leipz., v. 1 (1), pp. 39-1L2, pis. 2-3, figs. 1-38. [Lib. Merriam, U. S. Dept.

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the patient had ever received a blow on the region, or had worn too

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through years of usefulness to its present estate. Since

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and fusiform lobes, lies the " half - vision " centre. If this region is

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principles, operative treatment should never be selected wdien non-

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tained constant, steady pressure in the smaller cylinder,

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pounds, of which a very large proportion was shipped to Europe

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the most humane of all 'charities, and to raise funds for its

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may invade the dura and form arachnoid villi. These growing cells may

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" fatnbuci, elder-flower water," that the gums may-

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results from fatty degeneration of all the organs, especially the

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too large to pass the urethra, when no time should be lost,

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occur in his practice, and endeavors to find out a better mode of treatment; and a

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ing the clots formed upon equal quantities of blood, taken respectively

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itis. At post mortem all the nervous centers are examined. The

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exceeded, as cerebral trouble would be likely to ensue

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an embolism could reach the brain unless it arose from the pulmonic area;

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he thinks, much will have to be done before we can regard it as

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a few years ; but much might still be added to them. Not long

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veterinary surgery, certain operations could be more readily

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later, Prince Charles sought refuge after the battle of

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(b) Source of Infection. — Typical and atypical cases and

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that the death of one of the inmates was due in great

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above the upper margin of the sternum; the skin and sub-cutaneous tissue were

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absorption takes place by the ossicula of the vessels, or by the

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should make us suspicious of tuberculous disease yet it sometimes occurs

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be paid to the horse's food and exercise, that his body may be vig-

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in those of the upper half of the bone the converse should apply — namely, when

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twenty-five tins returned, In Nestle's Food are combined all the best

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abscess, which came under his care at Bellevue Hospital,

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sugar, but this should not be added until five minutes before taking off the