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is not infrequent. In this class the fever increases, becomes more irregular,

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tense. The animal makes frequent attempts to urinate; this often

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The nature of the choreic movements, together with their cessation during

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and two Regents, viz. : Dr. Upjohn and myself was appointed to fill the

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As to the increase of this illicit consumption, the indications derived

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posed inguinal colostomy in 17 10; Jean Louis Petit

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3. Protein : C. 2 H 112 N ]8 O, 2 S + 77O 2 63CO 2 + 38H.O + 9CO (NH,) 2 + SO 3

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ent results under the same conditions at different times. The

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flattened from before backwards, owing to the pressure of the fluid

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sponge, so cut as to cover the areola, surrounded and covered loosely, but to

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appearance on the third day of illness might very easily have

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such cases, and believe they are so rare that, practically, we

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to be integrated for each other’s assistance in normal times and for protec-

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Would it not unduly prolong this contribution, the writer

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occurs in H-ion concentration) furnishes another reason why doubt

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their degrees and are publicly received as doctors; the great college

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the time symptoms gross enough to come above the plane of clinical

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comfort. If there is no reaction, which is rare, hot drinks should be given

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say, does it have a tendency to restore the normal equilibrium between

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is essentially that of the Red Cross. It has, for in-


sitory, yet that in certain cases they may become the

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tourniquet. Two years later he broke fresh ground by describing

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taneous inoculation of guinea pigs produced the same effects as those

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tous. The skin over the doughy crepitating swelling was pale. Two hours