" the Library of St. Matthew's Cathedral, and from this was gleaned much information

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for that purpose would review the treatment of an illustrative case of

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ungrateful if I did not write to thank you for all your kindness and the very great benefit

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a reddish, grayish-red, grayish, finely granular, stiff, tuberculous

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the wounds of the leg were almost healed. About three weeks after

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care of the heal'h of these men. The surgeon-general

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of a light bluish gray color ; the inside was dark red,

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bowel which allowed of this rupture would have contra-

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examination satisfied me at once as to the nature of her disease, and

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fever has gone through the whole village. All thank the

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much of the diseased tissue as possible, and to disinfect

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the public schools." If a child's health is not good

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five (5) days, beginning Feb. 1st, 1915. The arthritic symptoms began

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appearance. This fluid, unlike that of the first stage, is rich in albumin.

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excluded entirely from use in camp hospitals. Ordinary water-

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of sleep and digestion, and his proneness to pyrexia, may

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a scar was left on the corner directly over the pupil, com-

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" Syringing of the meatus for the purpose of removing this body must,

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burning stoves provided ample heat for the operating room

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General anesthesia is almost indispensable and it needs to be pro-

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In the first case there was visible pulsation in sec-

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great, the urine high-coloured, and the pain in the

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grave, and is certainly worse than that of tuberculous disease

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etc., as a whole, but this view of the tibia and fibula

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District No. 6. R. B. Root, Georgetown; Georgetown, Boxford,