On the first day, three hands worked; on the second, two; on the

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tion of consumptives as sufferers from a contagious disease.

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and apparatus. It was unusually varied, well arranged,

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But we promised in our last number to give a Synopsis of Dr. Ham-

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work of these men lies chiefly in their clinics, their teaching through

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blood were lost. In my case, a boy of lo, in spite of a

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of this plant is green, but freely sprinkled over with large

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the liver is there notable external hemorrhage. One must determine

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compensation for the time spent at school." Cavalry officers,

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as to bring it into a pultaceous mass, and in bringing

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predecessors that best illustrates at once the prac-

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being a " drawn-battle ;" a mere " neutralisation," and " moment of inaction,"

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Tfy. Acidi phosphoric dil., m. x ; elixir calisayas, Sss. M. Sig.

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frequent of these. Sometimes they are symmetrical ] at other times not

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chial gland tuberculosis can be made. Constitutional signs and

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of diseases, now met with, are of a low type, and requirb

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may be considerably aggravated if, in addition to the bullet,

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tial qualities — of the serum are due to adulteration and not to remedial

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the infected room, and on the other into the clean room

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must be credited to the cold water, and not to quinine, for it has

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Taken on the couch eleven hours after a bismuth meal, in an officer, aged 22,

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practical point of the great effort required by the muscular

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the egg to a very stiff paste with cold water; divide the butter

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(ascertained from determinations of the alveolar C0 2 ) (see page 344),