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Roentgen-ray is that the roentgenogram shows that the heart is
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In the selection of instruments the young surgeon should
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Patient had grown decidedly fleshy in the interval but was in
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tinct. opi. 15 m. is useful. A propos, reading before bedtime is apt, in the
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cause the cause of baldness is dryness, the which is not in
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blood. Lungs normal. Heart : a systolic murmur heard at the
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Stories," by Harriet F. Woods, 203 pages, 80c; all calculated
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General Measures. — i. Education of the public regarding
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frequently debilitated from the frequent hemorrhages which
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ever, poisonous mercury and its harmless substitute are of little avail.
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the strain of active service at the front. He became so emotional
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and had been given three doses of salvarsan intravenously. He had had no
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followed by an extension of the infection down into the thorax,
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symptoms. In a second series of experiments, non-gravid rab-
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iately suspect a surgeon insisting on such secrecy. This hospital
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that we are unprotected by that watchful regard over the
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but rinse it off quickly, or like other strong acids, it will injure the
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people which is a proof that the person is not strong
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nously, in order that a wide distribution of immune bodies throughout
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the cause of that confirmed prejudice which we often call
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was also a little tenderness below the left shoulder. The nurse
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took him over, and now he was much better, and he thought
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Deaths reported 2,018; under five years of age ti(>3; principal
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changed, so as to admit of their vessels becoming distended by an
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the lesions described by him as lobular pneumonia. Consequently,
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QRS voltage in the limb leads. Chest x-ray showed a normal
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consists essentially in an alteration of the epithelial cells, and