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Case I. — Mrs. E , aged 26 ; primipara: sanguine tem-

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mission which suggested the establishment of a Unitei

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also may occur in this affection. The latter statement is, however,

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hypertrophy of the vesical muscles which usually co-exists with the pres-

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24. Fraenkel, A.: Ztschr. f. klin. Med., Berl., 1885-6, X, 426-449.

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riance parasitism grows when fed freely with medical

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for its points are generally well made and its conclusions in harmony with

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rather poorly ; he kept at work, however, and ate his

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pseudopodium at o. This figure corresponds to Fig. 98.

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tion in contracting kidneys : it was pale, of low specific gravity, containing both

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drawn: 1. Emphysema of the anterior mediastinum occurs

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the shoulder associated with the neuritis was preceded by a severe attack of

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(See BerarWs Cours de Fhys. vol. 1, p. 591). But fibrin, when in-

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A Rare Form of ', Intestinal Strangulation by a Band .

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follows : Epsom salts, one pound ; table salt, half a pound ;

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transferred to the still, and converted into low wines. To

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of faithful and loyal service and fine work in establishing

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treatment to pursue. He selected 12 patients, all having approxi-

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and thighs. ISTo other method of application is capable of exercis-

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and sulphates had been added, produced a fluorescent

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attacks of extreme dysjjniea, with transient alljumi-

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twelve hours, when M. Demarquay saw the patient. His features had undergone

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€ven severity is necessary with seamen ; for it is observed with regard

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In addition to lectures at the Center for Continuation

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divisions, each with a Chief Secretary. The two main divisions for the

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showed a rise of from 10 to 20 mm., twenty-six from 20 to 30 mm.,

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say for it. He seems to approve veronal, although a startling

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The results of embolization of cerebral arteriovenous