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inhabitants has been acquired. This has led to many improvements
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TABLE 14. — Results of Successive Punctures in G^ses of
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first hint to Dr. Horace Wells, of Hartford, which need
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a powerful reducer of temperature. If that also fails, bags of ice are
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in these tests which is like that of an ordinary albuminuria. It, however, dissolves
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as, for instance, fear can produce many disorders in our
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the epidermis at the end of the burrow away from the vesicle, care being
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registrars of deeds, and similarly qualified judges of medical
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removal of absolute air filters from the Island console, a combination of air
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niae, or decoctions of willow, oak, or Peruvian bark. In an epideimo
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friends of the readers of his journal, and to enable
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in damp, cloudy weather, or after a rain, seems to prove that the odor
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respect to a particular protein, can render guinea-pigs anaphylactic
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This natural order of flat-worms has acquired its name from
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The profession, and I may add the public also, have
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the wide geographic distribution and frequent occurrence of the blas-
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abdomen, upon an attempt being made to lift the pan-
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The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal. Jan., 1851.
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tion which has been found in the cases hitherto examined hns been one
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special hospital for children was in any sense required, and
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first two curriculums ; but much of it applies to all the
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takes place, the prominence of the eyes subsides as completely as do
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the period of incubation there is nothing in the w^ound, nothing in the
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The present season naturally suggests the feasil)ility
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as soon as the attacks of tachycardia made their appearance.
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nuisance arising from the smoke of furnaces in towns
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tound the cord passing into the abdominal cavity, out of which
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Symptoms ox Admission. — Cardiac dulness cannot be distinctly denned. The
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pelvis at the side of the uterus and cannot normally
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testimony gathered from fossil remains, among which have been found evidence
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failed. At the post-mortem examination, Dr. Stewart, the pathologist,
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pie of gangrene as a rare and curious complication of saccharine diabetes.
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involved the removal of the old University buildings in High
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&et, indeed, which gives to thrombosis and emboUsm in common their
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cases only of amygdalitis occurred in three years. Hero I proved,
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The Treatment of Typhoid Fever. — Ziemssen {ihid.) attributes the
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At 1.301 found the patient sitting up in bed, being rocked and buffeted, maili-
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hours or so before the more serious result of inflam-
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excitement in explaining much of physiology and pathology, Rush
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teresting feature was that that there was not only a syphi-