and believe that a great deal depends on the manner in which it is performed. On

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in this respect may be due to physical conditions connected with the last

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means of anastomoses, such as those which existed in Sir A.

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4. The intracellular neurofibrils do not form any reticuliun in

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its cytoplasm in the proximity of the obturator septa. In orda*

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mental disorders exclusively to mental causes. These few remarks open

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in tlie blood is morbidl}^ increased. This may be ascertained by obtain-

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epilepsy. The paroxysms, however, had increased in frequency and

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only a certain proportion of cases ; it occurs in a much larger proportion

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taneously, that is, irrespective of contagion or infection, is perhaps equally

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tributed to the nasal mucosa, or to a speciaUzed part of it, the

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of respiration are not usually involved in the paralysis ; the respiratory

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stance from the nucleus into the cell body. The nucleus as well

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gentleman who was attacked with it. The fever set in about the

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involved. The mucous membrane of the cheeks and gums may present

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sively costal, and, at times, the suffering from dyspnoea was extreme.

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Cases occasionally are presented in which one of the simple tj^pes is

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movement and other general S3'mptoms are more symptomatic of the local

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pendence of extravasation on the condition of the minute arteries of the

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remedy, it is to be considered that the failures to afford protection are the

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Employment of Creosote in Pulmonary Phthisis. — Dr. Junod,

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of the liquid. If a clear liquid, like water, escapes, which does not coagu-

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is rare. In 231 cases occurring in six months, in Munich, in 1856-57,

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called Palmellde^ which belong to the lowest known vegetable organisms.

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trigeminal motor root and the semilunar ganglion, and sufficiently magnified so

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articulation ; the patient is unable to pronounce distinctly words and the

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relaxed, as by the synovial membrane and periosteum. These

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Seegan, who has studied over one hundred cases at Carlsbad, Germany,

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ened state of some organ, and then all the phenomena occurring

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bility of the stomach, the remedy be not retained wlien given by the

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of apoplexy. This is to be discriminated by characteristic phenomena of

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at the under side of the penis, as far as tlie opening in the

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out of the foetus again and re-distributed on the placenta by the

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distribuyen fascfculos de fibras mielfnicas y amielinicas proce-

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as much nucleoprotein in the cerebellum as in other parts of the