record was then taken during forced respiration, which produced an arrhythmia,
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1737 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 1 4 Broadway, Paterson, N. J.
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hands can be protected with woollen gloves, and the head by a
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(e.) Inflammatory affections of nipples or skin, as ulceration, eczema,
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perception is reduced. When objects are sufficiently large and weU
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no murmurs. Second sound is reduplicated ; second aortic sound much accentu-
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statistics of the Eiotunda Hospital in Dublin, figures have been pre-
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(be it said without malice of offense) save by some
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1 The Academy has published The History of Dental and Oral Science
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and are placed under better supervision than when scattered
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who has means to reclaim and cultivate 320 acres of land
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all cachectic conditions, and in all animals having suppurating
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hospital. He was healthy; no complaint; of good nutrition; body weight 50
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tion as hemiplegia is a great shock to the parents, who
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LAUTH.— De rEmbrrothlasie et en Partlcnller de la Oephalotripaiei.
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must be relieved at all risks. The patient himself was fully aware of
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has reported 3 cases of paralysis of the palate; in 1 of them there was also
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CEFOBID should be prescribed with caution in individuals with a history of
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The dose of the antigen chosen was four times the antigenic unit
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Lubov, Gary. Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics. Assistant
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attacks. As a rule the warning of the slighter attack, with definite loss
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manifests itself by what might be called a fiery humor in the sea.
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9. In battle stress, shall the surgeon with ripest experience
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solid refuse of the food, after the nutritious portions have
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rectum is the external sphincter and presents a cor-
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such cases is, that great mental emotion of a depressing charac-
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other malady. The author says that the following questions answered affirma-
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cent of those cut two eyes to the piece, and less than one
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tem, are to be referred to one common type, and grouped into one family, yet
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ordinary treatment have been immediately relieved, and in the course of two
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hemorrhage stopped. After a few inhalations the blood-pressure