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$5,000, and earnestly urging that Congress will re-
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or oatmeal) and butter-milk ; oatmeal, linseed, and skim-
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ing the external ring, which, from its situation, and the smallness of its size,
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ciency may be so slight as only to reveal itself by facial irritability, or
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without any great manipulative skill being required.
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— The Dentists of the Province held a meeting in Montreal
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same time. Then gradually the substance of the corpuscle
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by an embolus obstructing an arter)- is a well-known fact.
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Seen first on March lo, 1899, when she gave the fol-
the Ears, Nose, Teeth, Face, Mouth, Throat. Care of
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patent. In the majority of cases, acute cholecystitis is due to
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The impression that pneumothorax treatment should be with-
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In the convexity of the deformed bones, the periosteum has, on
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Dr. Hodge's pessary, before described to yon, is the best; and there-
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she felt the window was open, by the rushing of the cold frosty
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were greenish, puffy. Between the rectum and vagina there
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