we almost despaired of affording her any permanent relief. My
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that these animals develop a hemoconcentration, a di-
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Pause at the familiar red cooler for ice-cold Coca-Cola. Its life, sparkle
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the health educators have found it very difficult, and in
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specific employment. (It may be well at this point to
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entire personnel for their interest and cooperation; and be it
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country. Largely because those doctors marked avail-
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false hopes by this wholly unwarranted publicity for
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have in mind at this moment a theory put forward by Lang, in
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his heart, blood vessels, and kidneys, especially because
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Legislation met with representatives of the Hospital
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this inspection, but home visits are being made and the
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or of the entire uterus, or with acute appendicitis.
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position to the institutional fixed salary for practitioners
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tion, but it can be classified under four types. The first or foetal
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by the facts of recent and of past history. The only
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the disease by age, sex, occupation, and within the
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and the lesion was considered neoplastic. Microscopi-
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jection of sclerosing material in animals is followed later
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“This is necessary if the medical profession is to
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that it is ever within the scope of their professional duties to be a
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dens, jokes about the effect on himself of the rationing of foodstuffs and gasoline and rubber, and has
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practitioners have come to pathologists of late for help