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as to make the anterior uterine wall the lower, the
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of the heart in a certain number of cases of acute articular rheuma-
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region. These mental troubles indicate a more or less
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I shall now describe to you: — ^The face was pale: there was
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East Tennessee is also well situated with respect to the
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they may, in good hands, be used to overcome the cause of delay
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pulmonary artery. A neoplastic patch projects between the aorta and
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diagnosis, viz. pain in the epigastric region; for the patient had
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old persons, are certainly not croupous pneumonia. The course
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In the right limb, the clot, the ramifications of which occupied the
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(1) Vide Dr. Thomson's Notes to Batenian on Cutaneous
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projects itself on objects viewed, and moves with the
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be a long period of time occupied in repair, during
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Hernia. A case of McE weirs operation for radical cure of hernia,
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this lesser quantity being projx'lbtd with greater velocity. 2. TIh^ ergot also [
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medicatrix natur(E, or in consequence of a tendencv on the part of the disease
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on the possibility of infection by means of the examining finger, instru-
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posed that the fiw^ure extended down to the articular
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journals should be marked New England Medical Gazette, and sent to the publishers, Otis
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The Smallpox, so general and so fatal amongst us, is
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the patella held. lie has met with other mi-<hap<i
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Relation of pseudoleukemia to leukemia and sarcoma. The
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tents and barracks, if emergency requires them, and for perma-
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The therapeutical properties of spirits of turpentine,
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tliese phenomena, like tliat of most others in which the phy-
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Docking. — There are two ways of doing this — one with the dock-
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joint disease. In one case the symptoms disappeared,
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at in this light. I do not 8aj that the patients re-
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and I am fully improsseil with tlie importance of es-
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operated in but a single case. Also, that he had not had
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Languid or Debilitated conditions of the System. — Indispensable to restore a
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