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It should be recalled that resident and research training programs in the
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sions, this specific polyadenopathy in relation with tuber-
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centuries, has shown a marked predilection for European soil. It is
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tion of the caecum, which brought forth many different ideas as
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the air sacs or in the tissue that surrounds the lobules,
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Health bef re a license is issued to the contractor to
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the assimilation of fats, the fall amounting to 2.2 per
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paired, is now improved. Pulse GO ; temperature normal.
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contained only a very small portion of urea and of lithic
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there is a point in which calabar bean in small doses exer-
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Journal ^OY January last, we find an interesting case of poisoning by arsenic re-
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and sometimes impossible to get these wrinkles out again.
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ing, as in the case of bacteria and other parasites.
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to the present, and all the special methods n'ow in
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Here there is the greatest diversity of statement. Figures
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semi-transparent, and infiltrated. It presents the characteristic lar-
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of Oriental imae^erv and the refinement of anathematization dis-
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tender. The temperature is high ; the pulse rapid ; the tongue coated,
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containing typhoid bacilli killed by toluol for carrying out the Widal
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might remain, the crust should be lowered with the rasp
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CuMMiNG, H. S., assistant surgeon. To proceed to Alexan-
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Panniers arranged to form a substitute for an Operating-table.
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from disuse of the eye." But he also states that the
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great difference in the degree of severity in those that are
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quantity of contraction, if it be perceived at all, pro-
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will agree with me on this point, that as a rule a cleft
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ministration of tannigen have never been observed. The de-
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slender pedicle which can be removed close to the uterus
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at autopsies of electrocuted criminals, the hemorrhages are not, however,
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the farther steps of the operation are to be interrupted until