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signs. The face and extremities were very cyanotic ;
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sote produces a diminution of the intensity of the fever, a diminution in
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turbance from the nerve centres, or to the interference with general nutri-
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quent^ and, in the severest cases, in^^^ermittent. Tlie skin is
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James G. Scanlon 94 , 2 , 79 Wyoming Ave Detroit, Mich.
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(4), apr., pp. 396-413; v. 32 (7), luglio, pp. 42-71. [W m .]
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very complex and difficult, at first, to set in successful opera-
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our attention do not possess a very wide clinical application, yet
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abling diseases imaginable. It drags on for months and years,
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gauze. There was troublesome vomiting after this operation. A counter
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unoccupied ground, and that all infants placed under the same
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skin, and thereby destroy the small insects which cause
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normal stimulant to the flow of urine, and it is of necessity wanting. The
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such an arra}' of instruments and appliances, " placed within
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trocar being withdrawn, a small elastic bougie, having the chain at-
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bicycle or behind oxen. In three cases the patients
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Voelcker Q), while he considers the perineal method the more
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medical standing; and finally in making large and strong the
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observations, although not quite prepared to adopt the entire
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Robert E. Hunter, d.d.s., Clinical Assistant in Prosthetic Dentistry.
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The vnferior eamty of the larynx is but seldom the seat of
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cut out the cores, removing all the seeds and husks. Cut off any dark spots
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especially in those who have passed through a mild form of the disease,
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from a fall). Patient was running upstairs when she fell on her
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cold or when excited, the so-called " cramps," i.e., the condition of
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side and through the shoulders ; and for several years past, indeed,