plished by the flies' habits of frequenting filth, garbage, excreta,

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point of several diseases which are pre-eminently toxic, such as pneumonia and

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ten or eleven o'clock at night. . . . An excellent effect will

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yet discovered a specific remedy for scarlatina. The only effectual pro-

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number of colonies for counting, that is, less than 300

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been arrested and lodged in jail ; yet this college claims to be

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tissue cells, the lymphocytes, and the endothelium of the lymph spaces are

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confined to the lower extremities it has a particular

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At times he has a dull, dragging pain just above the umbilicus.

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Isolation should then be absolute. In all educational institu-

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Parotitis and infection of the submaxillary glands occur

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poor, and in the base there was flatness, \ith boardlike resistance

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of casein. It is an all-purpose "peptone" and is especially

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0.09 per cent. This premonitory fall in blood-sugar being

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needed for moving the bowels. While laxatives by mouth are

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centrations covering the range to be encountered in

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be limited to the Army Medical Service Graduate School in the

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strated. In the primary stage, a chancre appears at the site of

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tending to fall to a lower point in the morning, while it does not attain to

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of d; the bulbs is then raised again. If the apparatus is

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pollen may vary also. If treatment is given for the tree pollens

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was passed as usual. After a period of five weeks the colicky

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lower. Resonance in back good to extreme base and out to pos-

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"gas gangrene group" and CI. tetani, CI. botulinum, and

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been remarkably uniform, and of such a nature as to fully justify the belief

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An acute infective fever may be compared to a forced immunisation.

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cians were elected permanent members of the society ; eighteen

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course of pneumonia when the patient is able to take regular and sufficient

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be produced. The specific antibacterial and antitoxic powers are gradually

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Sequelae — Not a few of the conditions already referred to, as compli-

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When less than 5 ml of blood filtrate is used the calculation

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body may under certain conditions acquire marked virulence. A virulent strepto-

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the water is tested occasionally to check the accuracy

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tered if cloudy, and made slightly acid with 10 percent

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