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more often located near the pylorus, at the lesser curvature,
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there is a preponderance of bipolar nerve cells, but, in a few cases,
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John Bell and by Sir Benjamin Brodie, it went through seven editions and was
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have concluded from this now apparently established fact
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Cake Meal. — That portion which is kept after the oil
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of dollars are annually expended in scattering this pernicious
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The records in which the maximum number of sequelae occurred
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of the drain which his system is laboring under, although he cannot
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1958. Ayella, Alfred S., Jr., 1213 S. Broad St. (47)
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effect of lowering a death rate which has been consistently far too
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from 269.31 in April to 496.22 in August, and fell to 35.65 in January,
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Deutsche Klinik. 1860. Nr. S7.—Pleischl und Klob, Wiener med. Wochen-
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tinued regularly for some months, although not so freely, when conception again
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globe was undertaken for the sole purpose of extending
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nor lay too much stress upon the arguments just men-
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" Let me close this story in the very words of that father,
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tary importance of these matters would seem desirable.
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without being diminished in size, or without endangering the life of the mo-
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Bacilluria does not necessarily cause any symptoms unless cystitis occurs!
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opening with a plug, by removal of which the pure water
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cases of perforation in this region collected by the author only
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during the week ended April 18. From this report it appears
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spring — an examination, which, like all the others, is oral
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The margins of the fistula were then pared, and maintained in contact with
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health up to within three months ago, when the splenic
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present case, an increase of the muscular substance of the organs by
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itself to the cavity that has been made by the removal c
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know what they drink. The only safe plan for the consumer is to
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son's disease. On the other hand, Addison's disease may
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ments at the point of union of this cord with the germinal mem-
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fection in medical cases, just as it is in surgical cases, and therefore
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