typhoid. In the first, a vulvo-vaginitis extended to

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‘‘Analytab Products Division of Ayerst Laboratories Division of ;

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to be distinctly marked by the left kidney, and the right lobe by the

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tion be very severe, the facial vein should be copiously

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as well as by the older researches of Ganghofer, Sehlbach, Hamburgher,

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injections of formalin solution. His arm had been mangled

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theria antitoxin, tetanus antitoxin and vaccine lymph to those

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appeared to possess very little, if any, of that substance. Thus, among

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for a translator is a good and fixed nomenclature on every

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was the subject of this disease was 68 years old. He had gone

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the three hundred and ninety-two applicants for license fifty-

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similar to or identical with those herein recorded.

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I, II, or III, and seventeen cases due to Type IV, making a total of

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of Senators regarding the work and sacrifices of the members

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death and some cases will recover. After this length of time it is bet-

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tions showed all stages between the formation of adenomata at the surface

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protein; there are other genes whose sole function is the

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usually terminates by lysis after a variable period. In severe cases it may

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the, Dutch and Belgic women, who always nurse their children themselves, it

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recognized that its provision would keep the soldier happy and

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a peroxide will form active oxygen. The following formula,

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where adopted without the slightest benefit. After a few operations the pulsa-

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resistance. Healthy persons do not digest either the pills or capsules

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or its form of expression, save in one particular point, noted below.

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was cerebral disease— transient ischemic attack (TIA) or

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raries, for soundnees In scientific views, readablenesa as a literary compo-

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Schools, St. Louis, Mo., and T. M. Balliet, Superin-

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the tissues, due to the high temperature. When the fever is at

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and darkness of the place broken only by the solemn

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lowing this treatment the patient made a good recovery.

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the solution. Nitrate of silver is added. The mixture is

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ford, for "patient continuance in well doing," those who are prone

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of Senators regarding the work and sacrifices of the members

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examination, it should be searched for on subsequent occasions.

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crumbs over all, put the dish into the oven, and serve as the

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in calibre than the preceding one. Of these you can use three at

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This process, I have no doubt, might be useful still, in certain cases.

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California. The headquarters and place of meeting will be

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Case, 5. — This case, seen about two years ago, was not a true

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there would be an accentuated pulmonary second sound, not an extensive

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at least some of the requirements of a chemotherapeutic agent in

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The outer wall of the middle meatus now bulged slightly into the

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" The ship was painted outside and inboard with the