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the fistulous opening will soon close if the natural passage is kept

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symptoms within the province of practical medicine.

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Botanic Societies will take the earliest opportunities to hold meetings,

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be total paralysis below the seat of lesion, contractures, deviation of the

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pain. Palpation gave no information suggestive of uterine

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for it has been found constantly, so that the evidence has become very

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consequent disorder of the alimentary canal in all its extent.

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In 1 86 1, at the breaking our of the war, he went as

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insinuated between it and the bladder, so as to cut the external

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of our armamentarium, we would scarcely place it in the position

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'Rhus Toxicodendron,' by Dr. Louis F. Frank, of Milwaukee,

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and perseverance ; on the other, an increased disposi- •

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mia, determined to try the effect of an external application. It removed

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Uterum. From this simple and direct cin-sc the mind Ins Badly

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trode covered only with absorbent cotton or chamois-skin,

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Fowler.— On Jime IG, at Kennington-park, the wife of George Fowler,

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forceps, an instrument which he originally devised because his thunab was too

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(a) Exogenous Toxic Substances. Of the exogenous toxic substances, a

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scarlet lips, looks with a thrilling delight over her pearly tracery of vein,

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be an additional protection against sepsis in wounds, especially in

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cleanliness, etc, — that the modification of milk (with

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the more he did the more he could do, and within a year

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To pare them off' means increased hemorrhage and increased

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special reference to non-protein nitrogen and sugar

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scurvy was early thought to be an infective disease. Support is given

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huts, porches, roofs, fire-escapes, have all been used. The porch,