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each form of cell being originally, as Balfour had suggested,

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thickening under his tongue, which the mother says she did

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was they had none to give. Therefore the Lord President,

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Johnson Smith, London ; Mr. P. Swain, Plymouth ; Mr. R. E. Sleman,

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supposed papilloma or epithelioma, and had been treated

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than ;M0 children. Thanks to the efforts of the medical otHcers, oph-

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quests, £100 to the Suffolk General Hospital, £50 to the Zenana

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corpuscles, so that its inlJuence in the organism does not

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muscles of the membranous urethra, as the prostatic urethra

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hospital was unanimously adopted. To fill the vacancy on

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climates yield the smallest percentage of improvement, and

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work the author has made trials with the electro^motive

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its moisture, is a good instance, such as may be seen in the

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Government was paid for at the rate of about 43. a tube,

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tests, and the colour given — yellow with nitric acid turned

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temperature got lower. At Santa Cruz it was impossible to

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Professor A. Drasehe, and among the contributors are many

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result seemed to be favourable in producing an increase in

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dence went to show that it was probably due to the digitalis,

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medical men possessing illustrative facts in their experience,

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Association not belonging to Branches are requested to

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than they had been on any previous occasion. It might be

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from personal experience, was so distinct, that it had become

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no sugar. Slie has two children living. Her daughter and

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dressers. Of the " operative chemists'' we know nothing,

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sible for army efficiency there is a point in public as well as

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and the remedy of human calamity in its most overwhelming

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others, have been put forward in a more or less tentative

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Elizabetla Topliam was indicted for the wilful murder of a woman by per-

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of sanitation ^ec se will stay the spread of small-pox, and in

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the Eure, on the south-west of Paris, and, after much local

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England, although their claim had been again and again

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time before the pani^reas was given, and he was slowly improving and

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trict, in the Carse of Gowrie, along the Tay Valley— as far as

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is the Supreme Law." It contains a number of interesting

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ment Board and the opinion of the Congress of Sanitary