maining had evidently made a false passage for itself
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In spite of all that has been written concerning the theoretical
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first case reported occurred in a woman aged 58 ; the disease
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Sulphate of zinc 3 grains ; tincture of opium 10 drops;
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Erichsen's Surgery or Bristowe's Medicine. Then it was that
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was as good as her word, and died in spite of us. This woman's hus-
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Dublin. Of 94 deaths from zymotics registered in this city, 81 occurred
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confidence in the relations and attendants. The rules to be ob-
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30. A Series of Cases, illustrative of the N'aluc of Tuberculin .is .-1
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he is a pretty good type of the good citizen and useful
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absolute lack of confusion in the distribution of pa-
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Positional radiculopathy is a more common initial symp-
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and capsules containing faintly staining or unstained cocci, and capsules
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This paper was a thesis for the degree of M.D., Cantab., and we
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By Hermann G. Klotz, M.D., Attending Surgeon to the Depart-