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armamentaria of prisons. See Report International Prison Congress, 1895.
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years' schedule, began its eventful career on the 3d of October, 1895.
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34. Fraenkel, A.: Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., p. 432, 1892.
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tual profits obtained, we should calculate and enter into
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will check the spasms for an hour. The injections may be
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diseased vessel to give way. Sleep should be sought with the
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This leads to the inquiry, Which is the best method
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have thoroughly emptied the womb only when the odor disappears
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hia death, which, in my opinion and in the opinion of
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absence or mal-development of the lumbar enlargement had been
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(containing sulphate of iron) have been administered
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eases will then follow; for I have considered this symptom to
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sas, and certain land schemes in that unfortunate territory
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patient had suddenly died of heart disease, and immediately
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extent of disease. The treatment adopted was nourishing food, cod-liver oil,
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of a food listed in Group II scores 2, while those of Group I count
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the means to obtain equally good results. Larger ex-
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cord, following Castration. Billings say:s it is invariably due to Botryo
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That form of pneumonia which occurs after section of both
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by destruction of the kidney in consequence of disease. In the
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the two cases treated the whole anterior and posterior chest was
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1841, and has worthily filled it ever since. His death was
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tion of faintness, &c. It is usually dropped on sponge
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Three years later he consulted me again, but I had no
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that electrolysis was successful, but it was not — not even in giving
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Calmette. Experiments conducted by Joseph McFarland, of Phila-
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alone, and also on some lots in connection with corn.
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exercise daring the process of repair, thereby saving the joint from