task, we must first consider the phenomena and modes of occur-

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liver, and Addison's disease, which latter is probably the

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and treated he had seen none which required excision of the

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lation is well-nigh abandoned, owing to its results having been unpropitious in

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writers have expressed doubts of the contagiousness of per-

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The production of a pellicle in fluid cultures. — As with the diphtheria

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spinal cord, is exhaustively shown by Friedreich in his

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the ileac region produced the gurgling noise ; no tenderness,

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nuclei. On the surface of each Malpighian body are ramifications

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Later we should continuously apply warm cataplasms. As soon as

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ing results: In 8 the oculocardiac reflex was absent when tested

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favorably influenced when not of long standing than the

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rate. They note advantages of this form of therapy as

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in which ordinary clinical manifestations are absent or else

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accurate and discriminating acquaintance with the elements

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according to their nature or pathology ; but when the cause is

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until one year of age. At 4 years had whooping-cough. Entered school at that

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there is good reason to believe there is serious dam-

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safe and promptly-acting hypnotic in cases of insomnia,

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very apparent. On separating the glasses, the arsenic was

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in rendering this late act of justice to this distinguished phy-

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eruption of rdtheln first appears on the chest, and not on the &ce, as b

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gut is caused by the direct and forward propulsive action of the

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tion of cases. While, therefore, the chances are that some of these condi-

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namely, by the action of sodium peroxide upon triphenylchlormethane. Theie

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paroxysm bursts upon the victim with a suddenness as

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of but four deaths ; one each from tuberculosis, pyaemia, shock,

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point immediately opposite, and each of its angles equally distant from,

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gland-tissue, or lobular imperfect hypertrophy ; the painful tumour of the breast,

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mportant part in the setiology of the disease, and there appears to be no

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Effect of Knots of the Umbilical Cord on the Fetal Circulation 410

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border of the palatine arch. They are not absolutely characteristic, but

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does not communicate with the fracture; impacted, when one

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a very considerable period of time, as you m.ay readily

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radicles. Stem two or three feet high, flexuous, round on one side,

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