entirely precluding sleep, except during short intervals, which were spent,


destroys the first fiemporo-sphenoidal convolution (the auditory' centre)

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single dose of hyoscine or hyoscyamine, hypodermically ad-

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and irregularities. The woman, true to nature's instincts, and living in her purity,

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sions, commencing at 3 o'clock, shall be devoted to the hearing of

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taken up space with theoretical discussions, each subject being treated

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either of the senses, is indifferent or offensive, and

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that located the asylum at Rochester, and soon afterward a board of seven

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that are incident to the later stages of the complaint, and occur

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two or three table- spoonfuls, yet, in old persons,

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Ut fiant pilulaa viij. One may be given every two or three

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the air sacs or in the tissue that surrounds the lobules,

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weakness and emaciation, that neither his mode of feeding nor hia

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since May 1990 when “first-generation” enzyme immunoas-

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periods of ' ' reasoning mania. ' ' His speech became

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M.L. Jampol, S. Katz, M. Kurtz, L.R. Lese, R.N. Levy,

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from ten to thirty grains of the sodium phosphate every two

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nervous systems. It results in a definite series of vasodilator

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all of them, being ill-nourished, poorly clothed and helpless by

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Stoft'weehsel. Pfliiger's Archiv, 1883, xxxii, 222.

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from non-elimination of effete substances. Now, had this

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makes it possibly the most accessible of all these transient forms of evidence.

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starvation were given to a starving animal, the intake and output of

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Wounds and Sores. — Cleanliness is the first step

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3. In plethora the increased flow is due rather to high arte-

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colleague. Dr. Bull, had treated 25 cases of secondary sjrphilis in this manner, and Dr.

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members and of hospital matrons; requests for authority for the

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As regards the use of the silver-wire suture, I would

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of vessels, particularly of arteries, are free from the bacilli. Although some

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ment of this organ, to the walls of the uterus, in such a way as to place it

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Contrary to expectation, the animals seem to enjoy it, and

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