used for a short time " as a precaution," etc. It is noticeable that in a case
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to meat infected postmortem. Regarding the latter, it may be said that
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fresh fruits and veg^ables Is performed at the time of issue to troop meises. dinino ■
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the more warranted. Of course a previous infection often enough cannot
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regions particularly liable to cerebral hemorrhage, being very much oftener
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and extensor minimi digiti; but if the first phalanges be extended pas-
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in Anatomy, Physiology, Materia Medica, Pathology, in April or July,
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:an opportunity of showing proficiency in Greek, moral philosphy, or
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(4) What Is the difference betv^n natural and process cheese? •
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a, DOD Deviation ^-'st to Fe<l. Spec., C-E-271J.
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delusions may be of a religious character — the patient believes he has com-
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tion of the head and spinal cord), and prescribe internal remedies, especially
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incision and the emptying out of the blood clot. In most cases, however,
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that these affections arise in one of two ways — either certain neuron systems
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of £2 2s. is required from candidates, to be paid before the day of '
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electrical examination is often of decisive value. Eeaction of degeneration
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At the same time, some inducements to enter the University are offered
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Anaesthesia occurs only rarely. The reflexes are generally normal. An in-
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If the symptoms be arrested, electrical treatment and the use of baths may
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These give the same qualifications as the preparatory schools, and
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Stanton Abeles Friedberg, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Laryngology and Otology.
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^t1^^;1in'!ss?^ ""^V ^ ' '"^^ further'thlS 4«st1Ss^!^g
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result. The sensorium remains clear. The disease frequently ends fatally