be effected, about 150 times more air must be introduced

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to recommend it in every case of syphilis in which the spinal fluid

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near them, a very common trick being the attempt to take hold of the buttons

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among his customers, and several members of his own family Avho had.

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the emergency seems to require; but should the subject be a young

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matic is probably purely alimentary, and dependent on a failure

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32, 1896,) publishes the following results of an inquiry lasting over two

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Newsholme, Sir Arthur, Work of Red Cross Organizations in Relation to

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uterine derangements. Yellow spots on the face, scanty menstruation

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Chart 3. — Blood sugar curve in depancreatized dog after extirpation of the

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distinctions so that no unnecessary alarm may be felt during a fit

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been convicted at least once; 342 of them are drunkards; 127

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sputum, I might say that it was examined by Dr. Williams and reported

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the forearm and dislocation of the wrist. The trial was first

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This can be rapidly controlled by a simple manoeuvre, namely, the in-

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eating ; never overload the stomach, and do not expect to cure dyspep-

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spine from the pelvis to the mid-cervical region is rigid,


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initial erythematous and a terminal rubeoloid eruption, and a very low

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a weak solution of mercury could hardly have any action on bacilli shut

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Ignorant of his true condition, some of the household pity him,

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in checking wholly or in part the development of vesicles. This power is

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have already furnished facts in its support, which will be published later.

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and confusion of the intellect. Besides, it is not fair to him, to have

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the regular /ee in cities, though it is less in the country.

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tors, and physical therapists when treating persons injured in auto

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resulting from its former use, it is probable that the majority of observers will

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John Radcliffe, whose record for curing asthma is nearly equal to

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to further omental or intestinal descent. As is usual in

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prevent its repetition is a much more difficult matter as it

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veins or adipose tissue give promise of difficulty, the skin may be in-

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