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AFTER a gentle purge or two take the following decoc-
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found her much weaker, and suffering as usual with itching,
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1798. Dr. Samuel Hopkins, case of Bilious Concretion.
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depend less upon the kind of fungus than upon its place of origin, for even masses
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small proportion of cases of intracranial tumour that these conditions are
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vomiting, or, since not unfrequently both occur, whether the
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any discharge from the male, also true in the human. Simple Pox pro-
Annual Announcement of Dartmouth Medical College. 1887.
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prominences where the skin would subsequently be subjected
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Calc. for C 9 H 9 2 N 2 'ci: X, 13.18%; CI, 16.68%. Found: N, 13.18%; CI, 16.45%.
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clavicular pressure, the fluid escaping down the tube track and also at a
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The temperature rapidly rises to 103° F. or thereabouts, mounting
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or four tube lengths are obtained. The blood and diluting fluid
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of the legs, and, furthermore, when he Avas last under
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f It appears that the plague " is erpecially difliii-
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with regard to the number of observations from which each has
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from the Regulations of a similar Association in Boston.
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pyaemia, smallpox, influenza, cerebro-spinal meningitis, diphtheria,
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To facilitate the evaporation — by means of blowers and other ingeni-
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iter than in the quiescent state, were not proportionate to the
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have also been rare occurrences of leukopenia, gran-
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over two and a half inches in length, and one aud a
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compiled and edited by the CME office of the Utah Medical Asso-
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colchicum was suspended, and mercurialization was resorted to.