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yellow fever and cholera, are but slightly connected with the conditions of the soil, and
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one or two mites were still living after eighty-two days.
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for admission to the Medical Courses of the University of Chicago (see pp. 26-29) .
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into the vagina its dangers are increased — first, because
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Research Studies in Medical History, No. i.) London, John Bale, Sons
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with care this can be avoided. Rarely the wall may perforate
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alone or combined with other drugs has a tendency to cause neplrritis
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should be applied on that side only of the chest where the fracture existed.
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C. F. Hoover asked if the speaker had any theory as to the febrile
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treated, its most cooked part should be removed, the remainder only
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fever. The suffused conjunctiA-a^ and contracted pupils — "pinhole